Shadowsphere (in progress)

Medium: piano and electronics
Dedication: Éva Polgár


Chroma (2018)

Lisa Bost-Sandberg, composer
Marjorie Schlossman, artist


from momentum: two piccolos, c. 1:00
from tenacity (reset): bass flute and viola, c. 2:00
from transparency: multi-percussion, c. 2:45
from perception (resonance): tenor saxophone and euphonium, c. 1:15
from imagination:
string quartet, c. 4:30
from sheen: flute with Glissando Headjoint® and tenor trombone, c. 3:00
from wordlessness: contrabass, c. 2:00
from stillness: soprano saxophone and vibraphone, c. 2:15


Chroma is a collaboration between composer Lisa Bost-Sandberg and artist Marjorie Schlossman. Eight short movements of varying instrumentation are paired with eight paintings. This project is the subject of a short film by Mary Trunk and Caren McCaleb.

Chroma is a collaboration between composer Lisa Bost-Sandberg and abstract painter Marjorie Schlossman that explores the way abstraction can translate between artistic mediums. Eight short movements of varying instrumentation are paired with eight paintings. The music was premiered alongside each painting at the Plains Art Museum in Fargo, North Dakota, in May of 2018.

World Premiere

May 31, 2018 - Plains Art Museum (Fargo, North Dakota)
Michael Blake, percussion
Lisa Bost-Sandberg, flutes
Michael Farrick, double bass
Debora Harris, piccolo
Joel Pugh, tenor trombone and euphonium
Scott Sandberg, saxophones
Marjorie Schlossman, viola
Pelican Quartet:
Erin Larson, violin
Jenny Frissell, violin
Marjorie Schlossman, viola
John Stern, cello


click here to view the interactive experimental documentary

This interactive video features a short movie about the project as well as videos of each music/painting pairing for a deep dive into the artistic collaboration. There are multiple ways to experience the interactivity with hotspots and clickable titles; however, no navigation is needed to experience the entire process. The movie was directed by Mary Trunk and Caren McCaleb and will play at the Fargo Film Festival in March of 2019. The movie and performance were hosted at the University of North Dakota in October of 2018.


the whirring dusk (2018)

Medium: flute and piano
Duration: c. 9:30
Dedication: Hannah Porter Occeña

Program Notes

In writing the whirring dusk, I was reflecting on the conflicting emotions and states of being that come with significant life experiences. Pain and joy, fragility and strength, disquiet and peace—they are visceral, they are entwined, and they evolve and transform through the moments and the months.

the whirring dusk was commissioned by Hannah Porter Occeña.

World Premiere

May 6, 2018 - Recital (Port Jefferson, New York)
Hannah Porter Occeña, flute and Emely Phelps, piano


Lisa Bost-Sandberg - the whirring dusk
Recorded Live March 18, 2019, University of North Dakota
Hannah Porter Occeña, flute; Emely Phelps, piano


Leaves (2017)

Medium: piccolo/flute/alto flute (one player); vibraphone, crotales
Duration: c. 9:00
Dedication: Rachel and Brian Nozny

Program Notes

For many, the word “leaves” first brings to mind the foliage of a plant, but it is also a rather poetic term for the pages of a book or of music. The two sides of a plant leaf display two aspects of life—the aesthetic boldly-colored front that reaches toward the light and the utilitarian back of mottled colors and tactile veins. Leaves of music or words mirror this, as turning a page may reveal a completely different character, challenge, or sense of being. Two sides of a leaf are related, connected—but projecting a different sense of purpose or perspective.

Leaves was commissioned by Brian Nozny as part of a surprise 10th wedding anniversary present for his wife, Rachel, and I could not have been more honored to be part of this special project!

World Premiere

August 12, 2018 - National Flute Association Convention (Orlando, Florida)
Rachel Nozny, flute and Brian Nozny, percussion


Medium: solo flute
Duration: c. 4:00
Dedication: Loren Been


Snowblink was commissioned by Loren Been, who performed the world premiere on her senior recital at the University of Kentucky. Due to Loren’s interest in the pedagogy of contemporary flute music, she requested a solo work that utilized various extended techniques (percussive sonorities, multiphonics, timbral variations, etc.) and featured other new music conventions. A “snowblink” is a white reflection or glare in the sky that appears over a snowfield.

World Premiere

April 17, 2017 - Senior Recital, University of Kentucky
Loren Been, flute


Glint (2015)

Medium: solo tenor trombone
Duration: c. 10:00
Dedication: Russell Ballenger

Winner of the American Trombone Workshop 2016 National Trombone Composition Competition

Program Note 

“Glint” is a beautiful and evocative word, referencing something glancing off of something else, a reflection off of a surface, a brilliant flash, or a brief and faint appearance of something. In writing this piece, I considered various ways that ideas or sounds could “glint” in a musical context, particularly utilizing the trombone’s capacity for varied timbres and microtonal flexibility.

Many thanks to Russell Ballenger for commissioning this piece as part of his final doctoral project at the University of Alabama and for providing invaluable feedback during the compositional process.

World Premiere 

September 29, 2015 - Bismarck-Mandan Symphony Orchestra Rush Hour Concert Series (Bismarck, North Dakota)
Russell Ballenger, tenor trombone


Etching (2013)

Medium: two flutes
Duration: c. 8:00
Dedication: Wayla Chambo

World Premiere

August 9, 2013 - National Flute Association Convention (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Wayla Chambo and Lisa Bost-Sandberg, flutes


Glacial (2013)

Medium: string quartet
Duration: c. 6:00

Program Notes

Glacial is in two primary sections. The first is a gradual but extended transformation, and out of this musical foundation appear aural shimmers and cracks that range from subtle to aggressive in nature. The shorter second section serves as a counterbalance to the earlier material, related but contrasting in terms of space and character. While not intended to be representational, the piece reflects aspects of a glacier—the movement, the shimmers and cracks. While glacial motion is slow, its impact is huge and dynamic.

World Premiere

March 25, 2013 - Spectrum Concert, the University of North Texas (Denton, Texas)

Frederick D. McKee, violin; Zo Manfredi, violin; Lacey Kesterke, viola; Ilia De La Rosa, cello

PLEASE NOTE: This piece begins very softly.

Lisa Bost-Sandberg - Glacial (world premiere - recorded live)


Mox (2012)

Medium: solo alto saxophone
Duration: c. 5:00
Dedication: Scott Sandberg

World Premiere

July 14, 2012 - World Saxophone Congress, the University of St. Andrews (St. Andrews, Scotland)
Scott Sandberg, alto saxophone


Beyond Within (2011)

Medium: solo tenor trombone and trombone octet
Duration: c. 10:00
Dedication: Brian Conklin and Slide Show

Program Notes

Beyond Within was inspired by Wassily Kandinsky’s highly influential book Point and Line to Plane, which he wrote to articulate the theoretical concerns of painting, an action he deemed necessary for continued advancement of the art. He discusses the art elements, the point being the “proto-element” of painting through “intense self-contained repose” and the line being “inwardly animated tension created by movement”—essentially the interruption of a point’s repose due to a force causing motion upon it. Kandinsky’s descriptions are dynamic and deeply entwined with both nature and other art forms; his direct and indirect parallels to music are both eloquent and striking.

As Kandinsky describes how all phenomena can be experienced both externally and internally, he states “The work of Art mirrors itself upon the surface of our consciousness. However, its image extends beyond, to vanish from the surface without a trace when the sensation has subsided. A certain transparent, but definite glass-like partition, abolishing direct contact from within, seems to exist here as well. Here, too, exists the possibility of entering art’s message, to participate actively, and to experience its pulsating-life with all one’s senses.”

Composed in the fall of 2011, Beyond Within was written at the request of Brian Conklin to be performed by the Dallas-based trombone ensemble Slide Show. Many thanks also go to my UNT colleagues Jeremiah Stones, Justin Condron, Carl Lundgren, Julie Gray, Chris B. Reaves, Isaac Washam, Greg Moose, Zachary Elliott, Evan Sankey, and Sean Casey for their enthusiasm about the piece and musicianship in reading and preliminary recording sessions.

World Premiere

March 5, 2012 - Spectrum/Collevoxus Concert, University of North Texas (Denton, Texas)

Carl Lundgren, solo tenor trombone; Isaac Washam, Chris B. Reaves, Zachary Steele, Greg Moose, Michelle Flowers, and Evan Sankey, tenor trombones; Jeremiah Stones and Eddie Eby, bass trombones; Justin Condron, conductor

Lisa Bost-Sandberg - Beyond Within (world premiere - recorded live)


Bilder (2009)

Medium: solo alto flute
Duration: c. 4:30

Program Notes

Bilder was written to be premiered on the 2009 rarescale Premiere Series of concerts in London. The melodic material evolves by weaving in and out of extended technique timbres. It is in a three-part form, with a relatively short contrasting section flanked by opening and closing sections of related material that is derived from the opening multiphonics and tremoli. Bilder is the Norwegian word for “photographs,” and this piece is dedicated to my family in Rindal, Norway, where the second performance took place.

World Premiere

June 27, 2009 - rarescale Premiere Series - Music for Two Alto Flutes, St. Leonard's Church (London, United Kingdom)
Lisa Bost-Sandberg, alto flute

Norway Premiere

July 3, 2009 - Rindal Museum Summer Concert, Rindal Museum (Rindal, Norway)
Lisa Bost-Sandberg, alto flute

United States Premiere

May 18, 2011 - Guest Recital, Lawrence University (Appleton, Wisconsin)
Lisa Bost-Sandberg, alto flute

Lisa Bost-Sandberg - Bilder (excerpt)


Fluxion (2008)

Medium: solo flute
Duration: c. 5:15

Program Notes

Fluxion was written for and premiered at PKN Productions' UnTapped @ the Tank 2008 Concert Series in New York City. The title refers to the state of the melodic and timbral materials used in the piece. During my time in New York I was surrounded by an incredible amount of sonic experimentation by my colleagues and instructors, and this piece is very much inspired by my collaborations with these people and by the percussive timbres that the flute is capable of producing.

World Premiere

April 9, 2008 - UnTapped @ The Tank Concert Series, PKN Productions (New York, New York)
Lisa Bost-Sandberg, flute


Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano (2007/2009)

Medium: alto saxophone and piano
Duration: c. 10:00
Dedication: Scott Sandberg

Program Notes

Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano was composed for Scott Sandberg and premiered on his faculty recital of "Saxophone Sonatas" on the 2006-2007 Voices Old and New Concert Series at the Bloomingdale School of Music in New York City. Multiphonics are an integral part of the language of the second movement, and they are contextualized within other sonic shifts, such as the use of quartertones, against a harmonically interesting but more simply set piano part. The outer movements are more traditional in presentation; the first is carried by melodic lines, and the third, the most rhythmically complex, unfolds through the evolution of thematic material.

World Premiere

March 23, 2007 - "Saxophone Sonatas" Faculty Recital, Voices Old and New Concert Series, Bloomingdale School of Music (New York, New York)
Scott Sandberg, alto saxophone, and Martha Locker, piano


when it rains / the river stands still (2006)

Medium: solo alto flute
Duration: c. 5:30

Program Notes 

This piece was composed to be performed on my Master of Arts degree recital as well as my alto flute lecture-recitals. The title is a two-line poem I wrote to evoke a moment that included a stunning view of the Iowa River in a rainfall. Singing and playing simultaneously is explored in this work as a connection between voice and flute is particularly strong with the alto. The alto flute fits the vocal range more agreeably than the higher-pitched concert flute, and as Theobald Boehm wrote of his invention in The Flute and Flute Playing, "Because of the great facility for modulation of the full, sonorous tones of this flute, it is adapted to music in the song style, and for accompanying a soprano voice." Circular breathing is required for a short portion of this piece.

World Premiere

December 3, 2005 - NYU Master of Arts Recital, Rose Studio at Lincoln Center (New York, New York)
Lisa Bost-Sandberg, alto flute


As Their Own (2005)

Medium: solo alto flute
Duration: c. 2:30
Dedication: Michael and Derri Sandberg

Program Notes

As Their Own was written for my brother-in-law’s wedding in August of 2005.


Diandya (2005)

Medium: solo flute
Duration: c. 4:15

Program Notes

Diandya is in existence with great thanks to Robert Dick. During my studies at NYU I was planning a recital of unaccompanied works, "a solo expedition," and he encouraged me to perform something of my own—whether an improvisation, composition, or arrangement. I immediately knew that he was right, that something of my own would be the perfect addition to a program of four important 20th century works (Debussy, Varèse, Berio, and Dick) and a new piece that I had commissioned Evan Mazunik to write, but composing was the furthest from my mind at that time. Luckily, a few small but aptly timed events changed my thinking, and with Robert Dick's invaluable guidance I discovered that composing music is very important to me. "Diandya" is a made-up word.

World Premiere

April 17, 2005 - "a solo expedition" Recital, Rose Studio at Lincoln Center (New York, New York)
Lisa Bost-Sandberg, flute